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Integra’s team of professionals is actively involved in facilitating mezzanine loans, viewed as a hybrid of senior debt and equity. Mezzanine debt gives a sponsor greater proceeds and ability to go higher on the capital stack (Loan-To-Value) than what senior conventional debt would allow. Mezzanine loans are generally secured by second liens on real estate or by partnership and limited liability company interests. They are ideal for opportunistic purchases to minimize the direct common equity required, recapitalizations, financing PIPs and refinances where the principal amount currently owed is higher than what senior debt loan commitments can be obtained through conventional lenders. Mezzanine debt is typically coterminous with senior debt.

Integra Real Estate Capital maintains its unique relationships with core mezzanine lenders who provide non-recourse capital to investors and developers alike. We assist clients in obtaining competitive permanent, bridge and construction loans and negotiate aggressively on their behalf to achieve their investment property goals and objectives.

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