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Non-Recourse Construction Loans

Non-Recourse Construction Loans are tougher to obtain without a proper lender relationship and an experienced commercial mortgage broker by your side. Integra Real Estate Capital’s construction finance platform provides developers with highly-coveted non-recourse...

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CMBS Loans

Conduit Loans , also known as a CMBS Loan (commercial mortgage backed security), plays an intricate role when it comes to commercial real estate financing. This loan is secured by a first-position mortgage on a commercial property which in most cases is cash-flowing...

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Commercial Hard Money Loans

Finding the right lender for a fast and seamless commercial closing could be a daunting task. Integra Real Estate Capital provides its clients access to commercial hard money loans through a wide range of financing vehicles. Our job is to provide tailored solutions...

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6 Great Reasons to Use a Commercial Mortgage Broker

  If you have ever thought about financing a commercial real estate property, the thought of using a commercial mortgage broker may have crossed your mind.  However, some property owners have debated using a broker based on the belief that it is more expensive to...

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Recourse vs Non-Recourse Mortgage Loans

The last couple of years have shaped up to be a success for liquidity in commercial real estate. Investors have been busy acquiring and refinancing income producing properties due to a historically low yield environment. These investors often find themselves looking...

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